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New boilers are not only expensive; they’re also more efficient and environmentally friendly. Because of this, the Government is keen to encourage replacements and offer incentives to people who would otherwise struggle to pay for a replacement.

Warm Front offers grants to people who own their own home or rent from a private landlord. If you qualify for one of the Government-funded grants you can receive a package of heating and insulation improvements up to the value of £2,700 for a gas system or up to £4,000 for an oil heating system.

Warm Front grants are only available to people on relevant benefits, but for those who don’t qualify, but are over 60, there’s also a rebate scheme worth £300.

Customers can apply for Warm Front Grants or the Heating Rebate Scheme at or by calling 0800 316 2805.

The Energy Saving Trust supplies a list of all other offers and grants available from independent home insulation companies, energy suppliers and local authorities. A simple post code search will produce a list of each subsidy available in your area – many of which offer extra discounts to people on qualifying benefits.