Electric Central Heating Boilers


Due to the recent changes in legislation concerning flues and high efficiency boilers that often require a new gas supply pipe, Electric boilers provide a cost effective solution.

In the first instance we will always carry out a property survey to exhaust every potential solution to see if it is possible to install a gas boiler. Often in Tower blocks where the cost of adding a scaffold to the property (or even using and “absailer”) is not cost effective, an Electric boiler offers a viable long term solution.

Electric boiler technology is no longer a small niche industry but rather a growing competitive market where the technology has been developed so that Electric boilers* are now as reliable as Gas Boilers

(*when installed correctly to manufacturers)

Electric Central Heating Boilers with Combined Hot Tank Built In

Electric boilers with built in hot water operate in the same way a gas boiler operates, other than they use electricity to generate heat instead of gas.

I want good Pressure.. I like to shower !

The golden rule which applies to unvented cylinders applies to Electric Hot Water boilers. When a customer says the above, what they actually mean is they want good flow rate (often called volume of water).

Pressure is the force pushing the water through the pipe – this measured in bar
Flow Rate the amount (volume) of water coming out of the tap – (this is measured in litres per minute)

We work in partnership with Heatrae Sadia the UK’s Original & Oldest Electric Boiler Manufacturer who has over 100 Years’ experience at designing and manufacturing Electric Boiler here in the UK.


Important Facts

No boiler whether gas or electric will improve water pressure or flow rate, its simple physics, what goes into the boiler, comes out of the boiler. See picture above

If you would like to operate 2 showers or hot water taps simultaneously – you must have a min water pressure of 1.5bar and even more important a min of 20 litres per minute.

Get this wrong and your shower pressure will fluctuate* when someone else washes up, flushes the loo or puts a washing machine on !

*if you have a non-thermostatic shower, it’s possible the temperature will fluctuate when other taps are operated at the same time

Standard Guarantees include:

2 Year Parts and Labour
10 Year Warranty on Heat Exchanger

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