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‘All of the spares we supply are from the original equipment manufacturer so there are no compliance issues or risks from using unapproved spares’

– Ian Puddick BBC ITV Boiler Expert

One of the Original Directors of Maxol Boilers and also the designer of the Maxol Boiler is now a consultant to London Boiler Company.   The experience and knowledge he brings to the business means that no-one is better equipped to care for your Maxol Gas boiler and maximise its efficiency and life expectancy.  The spares we sell are from the original equipment manufacturers, so there are no compliance issues or risks from using unapproved parts. If you need technical advice concerning your Maxol Boiler we can always arrange for a Maxol engineer to speak with you.

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Maxol Central Heating Boilers

Although old, Maxol Boilers if maintained are very reliable and robust boilers, in most cases it is possible to repair your Maxol Boiler saving you lots of money rather than having to splash out on a new boiler.

Boiler Range –

The Maxol boiler range was specifically designed for the new build market, it was small, compact and could be fitted in situations where no other conventional flue boiler could be installed due to its unique twin 50mm flue system.

This unique twin flue system made the boiler a hit with architects and the boiler was rapidly installed in many modern buildings mainly in the big cities, it is common to visit a flat overlooking the River Thames which was once a warehouse and now has a maxol boiler fitted in the kitchen or the utility room.

In general the boilers have a good reputation for reliability. The company also manufactured other commercial products, however these were not so reliable and the company began fail financially, and the company was sold to Halstead boilers in 2004. Halstead boilers continued to make the Maxol boiler range up to 2007, when Halstead boilers were on the verge of bankruptcy, Halstead was sold to Glen Dimplex the cooker appliance giant.

The Maxol twin flued conventional boiler was soon discontinued.

Maxol Microturbo 40 – this boiler was initially manufactured in 1994 however it became apparent quite quickly ie after 12 – 14 months that there was a problem with the electronic control board. The problem was quickly addressed and Maxol launched a new model boiler, Maxol Microturbo 40H, the new boiler was all the same boiler except it had a different control board manufactured by Honeywell, hence the “H” in the name. The boiler proved to be very reliable and robust and there are still many boilers out there still providing heating and hot water. The 40 stands for 40,000 Btu output or 11.72kw

Maxol Microturbo 40H – same boiler as 40 model however it has a Honeywell control board.

Click here for 40MDF Boiler Efficiency

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Maxol Microturbo 50 – This model boiler is exactly the same as the 40 however it is been modified to provide a slightly bigger output, hence the name change to Maxol Microturbo 50. The 50 stands for 50,000 Btu output or 14.65kw

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Maxol Microturbo 402 – This 40,000 Btu boiler was last modified or upgraded boiler in the range, the Honeywell control board was replaced with a Pecktron control board, other than this, it is the same boiler as the Maxol Microturbo 40H.

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Maxol Microturbo 502MDF – This boiler is the same as the Maxol Microturbo 402, however it has a 50,000 Btu output or 14.65kw

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Our Senior Engineer actually designed the Maxol MicroTurbo Boiler, please call our office and book in a repair now – 0208 829 8244

Legal Notice

Please be advised that if your boiler flue is concealed within a ceiling and/or void we will not legally be able to work on your boiler as new legalisation from January 2013 makes it illegal to work on a gas boiler unless flue inspection hatches have been installed so the Gas Safe engineer can check the flue joints.