Building Compliance Certificate

The Boiler Compliance Certificate also known as –

Boiler building regulations certificate

Boiler Compliance Certifcate

Building Regulations certificate

Boiler Registration certificate


ALL Gas Boilers whether condensing or Standard Efficiency all must notified to Building Control are subject to Boiler Compliance Certificate.

ALL unvented cylinders must notified to Building Control are subject to Building Regulations Compliance Certificate.

Electric Boilers for heating your radiators and/or hot water cylinder are NOT subject to Building Regulations and therefore do not need to be registered or notifed.

It is a vital part of the boiler installation process, since April 2005 the ‘Boiler Compliance Certificate’ has become a document the installer must register and request by law under Building Regulations, an Act of Parliament.

From 1st April 2005, all gas boilers installed in England and Wales must be of the condensing type.

There exemptions contained within the Act of Parliament which still allow non-condensing boiler also known standard efficiency boilers to be installed, in these rare and unique circumstances we will advise on the appropriate solutions.

We can confirm that we are still able to install both non-condensing (standard efficiency) ‘Combination and System Boilers’. These boilers are not covered by a 10 Year Warranty

Why is the Building Regulations Certificate so important?

  1. It is a legal requirement, all boilers post April 2005 must have one
  2. When you sell your property your solicitor will ask you for a copy, if you don’t have it, it will take 3 – 4 weeks to obtain a copy, assuming the boiler was registered in the first place. This process means your home cannot be sold until the certificate has been issued, holding up the sale for 3 -4 weeks

What happens if my boiler has not been registered?

Please contact us and we can arrange to inspect the boiler and liaise with Gas Safe the body responsible for Building Regulations Compliance

Copies of Building Regulations Certificate can be purchased online for £35 + vat (allow 3 -4 weeks) from Corgi April 2005 – March 2009

Copies of Building Regulations Certificate (allow 3 -4 weeks) March 2009 to now.

Please contact our office 0208 829 8244

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