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Why we don’t install or repair Ideal Boilers

We get asked all the time why we don’t install Ideal Boilers, the answer is easy, it’s purely down to reputational issues.

Ideal once manufactured very reliable and robust boilers, sadly those days are long gone.

Ideal once made boilers such as the ‘Classic’ and ‘Mexico’ that despite their age are still working strong now. They have been replaced by unbelievably unreliable models such as the ‘ISAR’.

The new ‘Logic’ range despite offering 2, 7 & 10 Year Warranties still have reliability issues. Many will argue that the warranty will cover the boiler breakdowns. Whilst this is true it doesn’t cover the hassle & time waiting in for someone to come & repair the boiler, or no hot water on a Friday night …..& weekend

Still not sure ?

Here is what Which Magazine said

Gas boiler brands with average reliability


Which? Brand reliability 73%
Which? Customer score 56%

Founded in 1905, Ideal boilers are still made at its manufacturing base in Hull.




Usually two or five-year parts and labour, subject to
product registration and regular servicing. Offering seven-
year warranties on the new Vogue range.
Warranties should be registered with Ideal within 30 days
of installing the boiler.


Five combi boiler ranges, four heat-only boiler ranges,
one floor-standing model, and three system boiler range.

Most common problems

Problem with built-in controls
Boiler displays an error code and cannot be reset
Boiler completely broke down
Boiler noisy in operation

Source Which Magazine