Churchill Imstor Electric Boilers

Churchill Electric Boilers

Churchill designed and made electric boilers designed to heat up hot water, central heating and underfloor heating systems.

The boilers are based on a simple and design and are generally very reliable. They were designed and installed in new build flats in London and other big cities such as Manchester and Birmingham, with some boilers being installed as far as Edinburgh. Churchill Imstor electric boilers at the time of design offered a reliable solution to properties that had no gas.

Churchill Electric Boilers ceased trading in June 2008. Parts are now obsolete and no longer manufactured, however at the time of writing this article 12 February 2018 we found a supplier in North London that still had some spares on the shelf presumably covered in dust, so it is always worth spending 30 minutes calling around just in case you find what you are looking for.

The Chuchill Imstor boiler is based on a thermal store model, as with any thermal store type boiler, the hot water and heating supplies are surrounded by stored hot water which is heated up via a minimum of 2 (we have seen 3 immersion heaters at an installation in Borough Market London) which are usually powered up by economy 7 or economy 10 cheaper rate night time electric supplies.

I need a new electric boiler, what are my options?

You have several options including replacement electric boiler which equivalent to a Churchill Boiler with free long warranty and other options which include High Efficiency electric radiators, no boiler required, which have extremely low running costs e.g. 3p – 4p per hour.

To identify and understand which is the best option for you please give us a call 0208 829 8244 or email us hello@londonboilercompany and engineer will get back to you to discuss.

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