Mulcomizer Electric Boiler

Have you got a , Mulcomizer Electric Boiler, these are heating only boilers with an inbuilt central heating pump and mechanical 24hr time clock, they are usually installed with an external expansion vessel.

The Mulcomizer Electric Boilers are not designed to heat the primary coil within an indirect cylinder, we have seen these on installations and they will work, however an immersion heater will be a more efficient means of heating a hot water cylinder.

The manufacturer of the Mulcomiser boiler was Mulcotronics Limited who were based in Dorset, England. They started making these boilers in 1986 and applied for a trademark on the design.

The company ceased trading and dissolved in 1999.

No parts are available for these electric boilers

We have a range of alternative Electric Boilers made by British Manufacturer Heatrae Sadia which are easy to install and will compliment your existing system normally without expensive upgrades.

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Mulcomizer Electric Boiler

Mulcomizer Boiler