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Why we don’t install or repair Vaillant Boilers

We get asked all the time why we don’t install Vallant Boilers, the answer is easy, it’s purely down to reputational issues.

Vaillant once manufactured very reliable and robust boilers, sadly those days are long gone.

Now days the modern Vaillant Ecotec boilers are plagued by faults caused by poor design and poor component manufacture.

Please click here for information on Vaillant Ecotec boilers catching fire due to defective heat exchangers.

Still not sure ?

Here is what Which Magazine said

Gas boiler brands with average reliability


Which? Brand reliability 76%
Which? Customer score 83%

German brand Vaillant is the second most common gas boiler brand among Which? Members – owned by 18% of those surveyed.



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Vaillant Ecotec Plus range of boilers have a five-year warranty and Ecotec Pro have a two-year warranty. Extended warranties are available on boilers through Vaillant’s Advance loyal installer’s scheme.


Four combi boiler ranges, one heat-only boiler range, and one system boiler range.

Most common problems

Water leaking from the boiler
Boiler displays an error code and cannot be reset
Boiler noisy in operation
Boiler keeps switching itself off
Water leaking from condensate pipe
Source Which Magazine