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We often get asked why we recommend Worcester Bosch Boilers over Vaillant Boilers. The answer is simple; it is a ‘reputational matter’.

Vaillant in a bid to save money downgraded the specification of the seals on the heat exchanger in many of the Ecotec range of boilers. Vaillant removed the existing ‘Graphite Seal’ on the heat exchanger and replaced it with a cheaper ‘Silicone Rubber Seal*’. The ‘silicone seal’ which is exposed to temperatures inside the heat exchanger of 700 Degrees+ began to shrink and dry out, the seal would then become brittle due to the excessive heat which would escape, would cause the internal components to catch fire and melt.

*If a Vaillant Technician attends a property and leaves the job leaving a ‘silicone rubber seal’ inside the boiler without changing it or reporting, Vaillant deem this a disciplinary matter for the engineer.

If we install a Vaillant boiler and it catches fire, although we did not make the boiler, your contract is with us and that means we are responsible for the cost of another new boiler and the cost to make good the damage caused by the defective boiler.

To avoid all this nonsense, we just don’t install Vailant. 

Everyone knows Bosch, it’s the same cost as a Vaillant but has a 10 Year Warranty and has again this Year achieved 23 ‘Best Buys’ by Which Magazine.

Vaillant Recall – Vaillant Heat Changers Catching Fire

Vaillant heat changers catching fire










Vaillant internal boiler corrosion

We removed this Vaillant Ecotec 438 Heat Only which was only 5 years old.
The internal connections were poor quality and have leaked causing internal boiler corrosion.
The customer had to splash out £1000’s on a new boiler.

Our Vaillant Caught Fire

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