Commercial Central Heating Boiler vs Domestic Boiler

Do you own a large house or commercial property? Please take our advice and do NOT install a large commercial boiler without at least talking to us.

Here’s why

Commercial boiler and installation will generally cost more than installing domestic boilers.

A Commercial boiler will have a 2year Parts and Labour Warranty – then you will have to pay expensive hourly commercial rates when the boiler is out of warranty and don’t forget the price of commercial boiler spare parts are significantly more expensive than domestic boiler parts.

A domestic boiler has a 12 Year Parts and Labour Warranty – Yes 12 Years Peace of Mind. Our 12 Year Warranty offers Total Peace of Mind with no small print or hidden exclusions

We are one of the few UK Worcester Bosch ‘Diamond Approved’ Installers, this not only means we install a lot of Worcester Bosch Boilers, it all also means we have accredited status which enables us to offer you better value and better service.

You Choose…………..

Domestic Boiler

Lower cost
Parts & Labour
Warranty Heat Exchanger
Warranty Peace of Mind
Out of Warranty Repairs

Commercial Boiler

2 Years
2 – 5 Years
Commercial Engineer ££££

Domestic Boilers

10 Years
10 Years
No Headache
Domestic Engineer £

Domestic Boilers Installed in a Commercial or Large Domestic House

No matter how complex your central heating system is i.e. lots of heating zones, various hot water zones and a swimming pool. We can find a cost effective solution for you.

We are London’s only boiler specialist with unique knowledge and experience of installing domestic boilers and linking them together with a low loss header to create a super-efficient and reliable system.

It is our specialist knowledge that will save you many thousands of pounds.

“These guys are amazing; they operate out of modern offices in N London and cover C London. They turn up on time and don’t let you down. They even charged one heavily pregnant woman much less than they quoted her as they finished the job faster than they anticipated”



Why install an unreliable 120kw Commercial Boiler when you could have 3x Worcester Bosch 40kw Boilers installed. If one boiler ever breaks down, the other 2x boilers keep going and ensure you always have heating and hot water 24/7.

Hampstead London N6 – Boiler installed in Tanked* Basement
*this means the walls and floor are sealed to prevent water/damp ingress & we cannot drill any holes

commercial boiler

Removed large unreliable Keston Commercial Boiler & linked them together with a low loss header*
*Low loss header is the magic product that links boilers & makes them all work as one boiler

commercial boiler image two

As the walls and floor are ‘tanked’ we were unable to drill any holes into the walls to hang the boilers or central heating components. The solution was to fix water proof ply to all the walls with specialist adhesive and then secure the boiler and components to the timber, this way we have not interfered with the integrity of the existing ‘tanked walls’.

commercial boiler image three

commercial boiler image four


‘I got several quotes, 2x leading companies quoted me for commercial type systems that would have cost me more to operate and with lower warranties than the system suggested by London Boiler Company. I now have a super-efficient system with 10 Years Peace of Mind. The London Boiler Company was also £12,000 cheaper’.