Meet our Team


In Homage to Earths Best Known Plumber ‘Super Mario’
We present our Office Team, our engineers are a secretive bunch and are not featured (yet)

georgeGeorge – Leak Detection Manager
D.O.B 15 July
Drip Factor fairly tinished
Fun Factor High

George manages an ever increasing part of our company Leak Detection. Old Central heating system and systems incorrectly installed can leak, this can be a nightmare if your heating pipes are buried in concrete or hidden under the floor. We have developed a unquie system for finding leaks which we have Trademarked at the UK Patent Office. How do we find leaks without digging up the floor or lifting up floor boards ? Please visit


Office Manager
ExPolice Inspector – we laughed as well
D.O.B 25 March
Drip Factor 7
Fun Factor High


Office Coordinator
South African
D.O.B 27 Sept
Drip Factor 2
Fun Factor High

Accounts Manager
D.O.B 21 Aug
Drip Factor 2
Fun Factor 1 (quite serious)

leenaMs M
Office Coordinator
D.O.B 6 March
Drip Factor 5
Fun Factor 1 Moderate


IT Geek
D.O.B 9 Nov
Drip Factor 4
Fun Factor Moderate to High

Award Winning Boiler Heating Engineer
(also known as Madam Clayton)
D.O.B 9 Nov
Drip Factor 7
Fun Factor Moderate


Ian Puddick
(former Communications Consultant to Buckingham Palace)
D.O.B 30 October
Drip Factor 4
Fun Factor Off the Scale


Wayne Hurloll
Boiler Surveyor
This is the chap that visits and makes all the appropriate checks to make sure you get the best advice possible !
D.O.B young
Drip Factor 1
Fun Factor fairly serious

Office Coordinator
DOB Still Young
Drip Factor -1
Fun Factor 10+

Office Coordinator
DOB 1st January 2012
Drip Factor Low
Fun Factor Ever So Slightly� tinished

johnJohn Stevens aka Bear
When water enters external Gas supply pipes & damages boilers, National Grid contact Bear & we remove water from Gas Pipes, yes this actually happens
D.O.B old
Drip Factor 9
Fun Factor Low

paulGuido Fawkes
aka Paul Staines Our Blogger
DOB secret
Drip Factor Low
Fun Factor sneeky

Office Opening Hours
Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm

Office 0208 829 8244

Emergency Calls
For out of hours calls, please call our office number, you will be given the choice of leaving a message or being diverted to an engineer

Emergency Rate
Please be advised that we cannot guarantee to repair your boiler out of hours, this is simply because if parts are required we cannot obtain them after 5pm when the parts wholesalers close (they close at 12pm Saturdays. It is not possible to carry all the parts for all 2400 UK Makes and Models of Boiler, if we did we would need an Artic Truck)

5pm – 10pm £95 per hour + vat
after 10pm £150 per hour + vat

We take credit card confirmation at time of booking

All boiler quotes are completely free and carried out at a time to suit you (we have even carried them out at 2am)