Does your new Boiler need a new larger gas pipe ?

London Boiler Company are one of Worcester Bosch’s largest domestic boiler installers, we are one of the few select ‘Diamond Installers’. It means we install a lot of boilers, we work very closely with Worcester Bosch, part of the German Bosch Group.

What does this mean to you the customer?

Miracles – We are given higher levels of customer service which means both Bosch and London Boiler Company will not let you down.

Every day customers tell us that another installer has told them that they need a new larger 22mm gas pipe and in some instances a larger 28mm gas pipe to be installed from the gas meter to the new boiler location.

If you have been told you need a new gas pipe, is the installer correct or are they guessing?

The answer is very simple, the only way to know if your new boiler requires a new gas pipe is to install the new boiler, turn the boiler and test it.

If any engineer tells you otherwise, he or she is likely to be guessing that the gas pressure will be too low.

Do you want to spend money on installing a new gas pipe to the boiler that you may NOT need ?….. just because an engineer guessed the gas pressure may be to low

To make this simple please watch our films concerning the issue of low working gas pressure and how can you understand the issue

Installing a new Gas Boiler – do I need a new gas pipe ?

Gas Pipe size to the boiler explained in 2mins

The videos shows a 30kw Worcester Bosch conventional boiler being installed, if you are installing a 30kw Worcester Bosch, they both have the same gas valve*

*Worcester Bosch 30ri Conventional Boiler vs Worcester Bosch 30i Combination Boiler – both use the same gas valve.

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