Boiler Breakdowns and Repairs

Why are we London’s favourite Boiler service & Repair team?

  • Our engineers are Gas Safe registered (legally qualified to work on gas appliances) and Part P qualified (legally qualified to inspect, recommend and repair electrical works).
  • Our engineers are factory trained by leading boiler manufacturers in fault diagnosis both mechanical and electrical.
  • We have access to most boiler spares Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm from our approved boiler spares stockists.
  • Specialist parts can normally be obtained within 24 hours.

Don’t be ripped off

When we leave your property to obtain boiler spares we only charge a maximum of one hour travel no matter how long it takes, this way you are protected from being over charged.
BBC1 Rogue Traders highlights how unscrupulous engineers go and buy spares and ‘waste time’ charging the customer extortionate travelling time expenses.

Call around a few engineers and ask for some advice, ask for an estimated cost or time, in most instances they should be able to provide an expert opinion.

A new tactic which was pointed out to us by our online advertising consultant concerning online adverts after we found we getting less calls for boiler repairs

Broken Boiler? – free engineer visit and free diagnostics and free quote to fix boiler

Whilst filming for BBC Rogue Traders Watchdog at a home in Watford, the ‘rogue plumber’ sat in the bathroom for many hours and was charging over £120 per hour and kept making noises i.e. dropping heavy tools on the floor so it sounded like he was busy working upstairs. I was hidden away watching everything.

The objective can be to get into the customers home and then cover your time and costs with unnecessary work. Time is the expensive commodity here, it has a real value.

Be mindful of companies or engineers that only advertise a mobile number or 0800/0844 etc with no other formal contact details, if there is a problem, how are you going to contact them to make a formal complaint.

Not Sure whether to repair your boiler or install a new boiler? Please call us and speak to an engineer 0208 829 8244

ian puddick bbc news – Ian Puddick Expert Adviser