Elson Coral E Thermal Store

The Elson Coral E Thermal Hot Water System was once the number 1 choice of hot water systems to modern flats and properties. The Coral E System originally came in 2x sizes, 150 litre and 210 litre.

Elson would tweek the overall design of the Coral E so that the position of the inlet and outlet pipes, the immersion heaters would vary on each depending on the design specified by the property builder/designer.

Sadly the company that made the original Elson Coral E system no longer exists.

The Good news

We can supply brand new Coral E Hot Water Thermal Stores, which are now made to order based on the original tools, technology and immersion heater controls.

In order for us to quote please provide us with the following information –

Capacity of existing hot water tank – this will be on the data badge of the existing Elson Coral E, see picture. If the data badge is missing, please don’t worry, we can work out the capacity from the overall dimensions.

Height of existing Coral E – measure top to bottom

Width of existing Coral E – measure left side to right hand side

Depth of existing Coral E – measure from rear of tank to front facing edge

How many bathrooms do you have ?

Please email us some photos of you existing Elson Coral E thermal store hot water tank – hello@londonboilercompany.com

If you need a replacement Coral E System please contact us on 0208 829 8244

A brand New Elson Coral E Thermal Store comes complete with an Exclusive Lifetime Tank Warranty and 2 year parts and labour warranty, excludes lime-scale damage

elson coral thermal store
Elson Coral E Thermal Store – picture of data badge which contains all the information we require

elson coral
elson coral hot water

If your Elson Hot Water Tank is leaking, here is a short video explaining the best solution for cost effective replacement.